Explore the legendary asanas and principles

of B.K.S. Iyengar

with David Jacobs & Jürgen Meusel

ZOOM Online Classes



28th June 2020 @ 08h45 - 11h00

We will stream a live broadcast via zoom to your home


Please register for participation via our website and make your US$15.00 payment via  PayPal    

Once payment has been received, we will send you the ZOOM link via email


 David’s  live-transmissions:     28 June 2020 at 08h45 - 11h00 (GMT +2)


We offer a well-balanced and complete Iyengar yoga sequences for your online yoga practice 

Asanas are performed by me with a minimum of instructions and easy for you to follow. 

Unlike the normal Iyengar classes, corrections and adjustments are not possible.


How can you make your online participation particularly convenient for yourself?


It's best to use a laptop or tablet. You can also participate in a live broadcast via your mobile phone, but the picture will be quite small.


Please, set up your free zoom account in advance. 

If you are not yet registered on Zoom, register for free: Zoom - for computers,

or download the free app to your iPad, iPhone, smartphone. It is quick and is simple.

If you are new to this medium, practice a zoom session before the class to familiarise yourself

with the screen and different settings. 

Find a quiet place in your home where you can lay out your mat and be as undisturbed as possible.

Place your laptop or phone some distance away from you in front of you.


Check that you can move freely on your mat and stand near a wall if you can.


In most Iyengar classes, props will be used - if you have these props, please have them closeby.

You may need blankets, a bolster, a block, and a belt, Sarvangasana support, and a chair close to your yoga mat.



Please log in with the link in good time (approx. 45 minutes) before the lesson starts, so that we can start on time.

The room will be open from 08h00 onwards - this will give you ample opportunity to log in and get settled.  

If there any technical hitches, you will have sufficient time to sort these out.  

Use this time to ask any questions you may have.

There may be time during this stage to chat with us and catch up - before it gets too crowded.

When the class begins, click the "Mute" button in the bottom left of your screen.

I will also "Mute" all participants when the class begins.

We hope that you enjoy this virtual experience.


David & Jürgen

***During lockdown due to COVID-19, many of our local inhabitants have been adversely affected. We would like to, on occasion, anonymously and at our discretion distribute some of our earnings.

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