This project has been lying in wait for many years and is finally complete.  Like our other guides, it is a photo presentation to give the active man a comprehensive guide to Iyengar Yoga sequences and asanas for Health and Fitness.


The guide has 3 main chapters: - Health & Fitness, Restorative practice sequences and one dedicated to Therapeutic asanas.  This guide tries to incorporate aspects affecting the physical, mental as well as psychological well-being of Men. This guide covers amongst others, yoga for strength and flexibility, therapeutic, restorative poses and sequences,

as well as specific yoga practices for injuries.


Whether your sport is boxing, swimming, track and field, or racecar driving your performance level and overall enjoyment will significantly improve with the practice of Iyengar Yoga. We are convinced that this guide will be of use to not only men, but also women who teach and practice sport and/or yoga with men.

Iyengar Yoga for Men

Despite yoga being a traditionally male-dominated practice, its move to the west has seen a distinct lack of men practising in sports halls and studios.  It is easy to imagine, that as a guy you would be put off attending a yoga class due to the overly feminized classes, notion of it being a soft form or exercise, merely stretching and a cop-out compared to a hard training session.

Marketing in yoga is typically feminine, with pastel colours and flora designs appearing across logos, covers of yoga magazines – the vast majority of yoga clothing lines being for female practitioners. Predictions are that 2017/18 will be the year that western men’s yoga will become more commonplace, something we all welcome. 


The yoga industry is expanding rapidly, so there is lots of room for new students from complete beginners to those that have been practising over the years.  If in 2016 women began weightlifting, then why shouldn’t 2017 be the year that men get on their mats?


Ten years ago, yoga around the world was regarded as pretty much of an alternative lifestyle. Today however, its not only wide affected but also practised by an incredible large and mix of people including men, from serious athletes to people in recovery from injuries. 

There are many approaches to this ancient system of aligning the body and mind – so it's worth exploring the different forms or styles of yoga, in order to find the one that agrees with you.


Yoga for Men – Fitness and Health


This book shows how yoga can train the body and mind to help men become more agile, stronger and focused. By incorporating yoga in their daily lives, yoga will give them balance, strength, incredible flexibility and help immensely  in prevention and treatment of injuries.

Yoga for Sports and Wellness

Physical preparation for maintain optimum fitness, technical preparation for improving your sport skills and tactical preparation for developing strategy and skills, require a lot of time. Daily mental skills to control this state must also be practised.  If one takes into account the time you need for study or work (or both) and for your social life – the time aspect is crucial.  From these aspects, yoga is a very effective means of training. It affects the mind, body simultaneously and harmoniously.

About this guide

Iyengar Yoga For Men


Compiled by David Jacobs and Jürgen Meusel this is a visual guide, with photographs and comprehensive sequences for a balanced Iyengar yoga practice for Men. This e-book is a pdf.file (246MB) has 1417 pages with more than 3700 photographs. Comprising of 3 chapters with specific sequences geared for Men.  

All chapters of this guide include sequences and stages of preparation, as well as asanas and sequences targeting problematic areas.  The last chapter covers a variety of therapeutic and minor medical problems. 

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Inside the guide: -

Chapter 1:

Yoga for men – fitness & health                      

Sequences 1 - 40                                                    8 – 405

Progressive practice Sequences                       405 – 589

Progressive practice stages 1 - 10                    589 – 685

10 daily Practice sequences                              686  – 888

Yoga for the active man                                    836 – 912

Problem areas for men – sequences               913  – 961

Categories of asanas                                          962 – 968

Find balance in your daily yoga practice        969 – 976


Chapter 2:

Yoga for men – health                                      982 – 985

Restorative yoga asana sequences                  986 – 1131


Chapter 3

Yoga for men – Health               

Therapeutic yoga sequences                         1140 – 1415 

This is where the guide started to take shape.  Hours and hours of photo sessions inside our studio in Oudtshoorn.  


Below some pictures from the guide - from basic standing, seated and forward bend poses to inversions and backbends, some postures with the use of ropes and a large number with and without the use of a variety of props.

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