Recordings of Asana and Class series

CLASS and ASANA Series Videos

Regular recordings of complete Class Series showing modification and variations of asanas within a sequence using a variety of props, including wall ropes.

Each complete and balanced class costs US $15

The Asana Series will show individual asanas and how they can be practised with the use of props. This will assist in your daily practice to be able to hold an asana for an extended time to get the benefit from the pose.

Each asana recording costs US $10

Class Series 1

A complete class using the chair and ropes (1hr30)

Class Series 2

Yoga Kurunta
A complete class using the wall ropes (1hr21)

Asana Series 1

About 30 variations and modifications of  UTTANASANA with the chair (2hrs12m)

Asana Series 2

Adho Mukha Svanasana (45mins)

Class Series 3

Standing poses with the chair (1hr12)

Class Series 4

Asanas specifically sequenced to stretch tight hamstrings and glutes (1hr46)

Asana Series 3

Paripurna Navasana & Palakasana (25mins)

Asana Series 4

Ardha  Navasana & Supta Padangusthasana 1- 3 (55mins)

Class Series 5

A complete class using the chair and ropes (55mins)

Asana Series 5

Restorative asanas (1hr 50mins)

Class Series 6

Standing poses using the chair (1hr15)

Hip-Healthy asanas

Class Series 7

Yoga Kurunta

Standing poses with the ropes (55mins)

Class Series 8

Yoga Therapy

Neck & Shoulders series 

Class Series 9

Yoga Therapy

Neck & Shoulders Series 2 


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